Well, here I am several months after starting the aforementioned Patreon, and I haven’t accomplished much in the way of visual art at all. As is typical of me, I overextended myself and ambitiously envisioned the Patreon as both somehow encompassing both my work as a circus artist and as a visual artist. After quitting my part-time desk job, I naively anticipated a well-deserved labor utopia of mornings focused on visual art and the rest of the day devoted to circus training, coaching, and performing.

This, however, it won’t surprise you to know, is not what happened; what happened is that the Patreon is fully focused on circus coaching because this is what I am now known for and that is what people want to pay for. It also took quite a bit of time to get off the ground, and I am still devising how best sustain the platform and not run myself ragged. On top of the Patreon, I am coaching a lot more than previously to account for the massive financial gap left in the wake of my desk job. Thus…mornings have been spent sleeping, bookkeeping, administrating, and coaching (oh yeah, and working for free for my HOA…gotta love that).

I have managed to complete a very small oil painting back in the fall, which I haven’t even photographed for this website yet, and a rather depressing book of collages, also not photographed. The one creative thing I did via the Patreon was a whole bunch of collage postcards, but incidentally I’m eliminating that tier because they simply took too much time, though I enjoyed doing them. Here are a few!