Whoops. A whole ‘nother year just went by. I know it looks like I haven’t been painting, but I have, I swear. It’s just that it’s way easier to update Instagram and this website was half-broken until now. Also, I’m still a circus artist

I definitely have been painting, though. No real major works to speak of, but I’m letting things be what they’ll be for once. This year was a year of exploration and I’m still prioritizing my career as a circus artist. So what if I’m dabbling when it comes to painting. People use the word “dabble” as if it’s a dirty word. Dabbling can be good. It means you’re exploring, thinking, investigating. 

One of my new investigations has been painting on books. I adore used book shops and now I have an excuse to spend an hour looking for the perfect “canvas”. 

First attempt

The first one I kept for myself, but the next few made perfect gifts. Since November of 2017, a lot of the oil paintings I’ve done have been gifts for friends and family, and it’s been good for me because it’s obliged me to branch out in terms of subject matter: I’ve painted eggs, tortoises, toads, beetles, and various birds and plants. I have, however, been pretty bad about documenting my work. Oops.

This one will be on display at Woman Made Gallery December 7th to December 16th!

I also experimented with painting on clam shells!

Two of the larger pieces I did were for myself:

“La Trouille” – for those of you who speak French, the title is a play on words appropriate to this piece that explores trypophobia (which I did not know existed until my roommate at the time brought it to my attention)

Not sure where I want to go with the above piece. I’m either going to go all “Disney” and paint in birds fluttering about our heads, or I’ll try something totally new for me like mixed media or gold leaf.

What will the new year bring? Who knows. But I’m getting an urge, the urge to paint something big, something dark, portentous, oozing. Something is growing and wants out. I’ve got to give it a place to live on canvas soon…