Dear me, it has been over a year since I last posted, hasn’t it! Well, I guess that’s to be expected since I was working abroad 5 months out of this past year, and trapeze is still my first and foremost focus. Pop over to to see what I’ve been up to.

That said, 2017 was not entirely without painting. I have been focusing on small works and have done quite a few pieces as gifts, which has been very satisfying. 

“Birds of a feather” – oil on canvas, 3″ x 4″
“φ” – oil on canvas, 3″ x 4″
“Lacune et plume” – oil on panel, 10″ x 8″
“L’amour est un nid” – oil on canvas, 4″ x 4″
ink on paper

And I finished up the year with a couple digital paintings:

“Mon amour”
“La Nuit des Hélices”
Beneath the heaviness of an uncertain moon, surrounded by spiraling questions, Ondine waxed deliquescent into her own oneiric unease.